High ranking in Google search is important to get massive traffic to your website that definitely helps you to increase you sells.

3 most important points that improves Search Engine Ranking & Increases sales

When a visitor visits your website the first impression is how quickly it loads otherwise they`ll close browser tab & click another link in Google Search Result Page.

Web page, your page must pass these three critical points:

Fast loading Web Pages

Everybody loves fast loading sites even Google spiders does. No body wants to keep waiting to get your website loaded for more than 5-6 seconds. For fast loading you must host your website with SEO friendly host & try to use minimum images, Javascript & CSS files. Fast web hosting, optimized images & minimized external files & javascript will definitely increase page load speed. For getter speed you can try VPS hosting or Dedicated Servers.

Professional layout & Optimized Content

Once a visitor visits your website he wants to see the content (he is looking for) in a professional manner. Every body wants to deal with professionals whether its real life or web . Professional content & layout build trust in visitors mind that whatsoever he is reading has been written by professional brand/individual. the same thing Google want. Google wants its users to provide the best thing he/she is looking for. Provide all the related content using links on the landing page.

Why links of related content is required for better ranking?

I tell you the reason. Suppose you are planning to watch a movie lets say “mission impossible 2” & you want to know about it. what will you do & what will you expect? You`ll search it on Google & you expect to get following content on the page Google search refers :

  • About Mission Impossible 2 movie
  • Rating & Review (critics & user)
  • Cast & Crew
  • Release Date
  • Some other related information

If you get all these information on one page that loads quickly you become a happy Google User because your website was referred by Google Search that contained all the information you wanted. The most interesting thing is that if a user gets all the related information in a professional way on a website he/she remembers website name & re-visits it without using Google. This way you create a brand name that people know.

Proper Indexing of website content

This point is somehow related to previous point that I explained & believe me this thing will surely improve your search engine ranking. Try to keep links of main pages/sections on homepage. On sub pages try to place link of sub-sub pages & so on.

  • AVOID duplicate/copied content.
  • Avoid too many links that’s not closely related to that content
  • Avoid linking with poor website
  • Keep updating your content time to time.


The above 3 points can really improves your visibility in search engine. So always host your website with SEO friendly Hosting Company, Design profession layout & write unique content that loads faster & most importantly create proper indexing of your webpages.



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High ranking in Google search is important to get massive traffic to your website that definitely helps you to increase you sells. 3 most important points ...
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