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Am I using the right web hosting company? I understand, when you start reading this post you expect to get some robust points that clears all your confusion in choosing a perfect web host for your website. With all the companies offering 99.9 uptime attractive discount cheapest price & faster speed etc… It becomes tough

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Buy Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Website Designing, Email Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS & Dedicated hosting at the lowest price in India

10 years ago when we were a small team of IT professionals providing Web related services to our client across the globe, there was just a few web hosting companies. IT resources were very limited and price was very high. After some time we realized that our web hosting provider is not as trustworthy as we expected. Speed was slow, price was high, security was a major issue. Backup facility was not robust that time. Because of poor servers we were continuously loosing clients. We know very well how much it hurts when you loose a client because of poor hosting company. Most importantly your client or YOU can ruin your business if you are not hosted on a trustworthy server, a reliable hosting company who understands the value of you business that you established after years of hard work.

After few years we tried different webhosts worldwide including free hosting providers. Free web hosting company is truly horrible. Running your website on a free hosting company is like doing suicide. We improved ourselves worked hard & started our own web hosting & web development company. It has been 8 years since We are running 3 web hosting companies with 100% customer satisfaction. Today we are leader in Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting servers. We also provide Email marketing server that really helps to promote your email marketing campaign smoothly.
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Normally people compare the costs of levering a managed server over unmanaged dedicated server that impacts the total cost of ownership (TCO). Mostly People compare contracting for a managed server with leasing a server. What’s the difference between managed & Unmanaged Dedicated Server? There is a huge difference. It’s like the difference between leasing a

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All hosting providers provide same basic function for your website online. Some basic creteria for consider the best web hosting companies. Web Hosting Plan Many web hosting companies offer monthly service subscriptions at various price points for levels of service. All plans contain integral hosting featues like bandwidth, diskspace and domains; some hosting providers provide

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In general designers do some common and silly mistakes when they design their websites. Here we are pointing some web design mistakes you might have made when you launched your site—and what you can do to fix them. TYPICAL FONT If you’re still using the same comic sans or papyrus font you picked for your

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 A high ranking is very important to get high quality targeted traffic to your Web site. The more targeted your visitors are, the more you’ll sell on your site.The more targeted your visitors are, the more you’ll sell on your site. The first 3 critical points – Make a good first impression, or your visitors will

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    Am I using the right web hosting company? I understand, when you start reading this post you expect to get some robust points that clears ...
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